Adopt A Community Location

Adopt a Community Locations

Seeking volunteers willing to plant Zinnias at an adopted location
(flowers will be provided) and tend to the location
throughout the summer.

This can be a family, individual, business, civic, religious, political or charitable group.

Below is the list of locations. Please submit a request to the Zion Township Office (
or 847-872-2811) and identify the location, if you have a preference. We will contact you!

Planting day will be on Wednesday, May 22nd from 2:30pm til 7:30pm, with Thursday, May 23rd as a rain
date, and May 29th as the backup back up planting date!

Note: if you can’t make the planting date, don’t let that stop you from volunteering, we will accommodate you.
We are seeking watering volunteers to fill in for people on vacation!

• Welcome to Zion signs:
–  o N Lewis at 12st and Lewis west side – Adopted by Queen Bees of Zion Red Hat Society
–  o S Lewis at 33rd and Lewis east side
–  o N Sheridan south of Camp Logan Rd west side (just south of Pinsters)
–  o S Sheridan north of Wadsworth Rd east side (by Bill’s Custard)
–  o 173 east of Greenbay Rd south side by Subway – Adopted by Elite Cheer
• Police Department by flag pole and door on Gilboa Ave. – Adopted by Brandon Busch Family
• Shiloh House – around the sign and the flagpole
• Fire Station 1 at the flag pole at Elisha and Caledonia – Adopted by Il Dunesland Garden Club
• Carillon – 27th and Caledonia – west of Fire Station
• City Hall by Electronic sign, around flag pole, parking lot and along sidewalk – Adopted by Boy Scout Troop 663
• Dome Pots at 24th and Sheridan Rd.
• Train Station – 2 pots
• Fire Station #2 by bushes in front, Lewis Ave N of 21st St.
• Flemming Park – Sheridan Rd and 28th St north of City Hall (across 28th street from It’s All Good coffee shop)
• Public Works sign on 27th St.
• Clock Tower garden bed – Sheridan Rd and Shiloh Blvd east side.
• Memorial Park – Sheridan Rd and Shiloh Blvd west side.
• 14 planters along Emmaus Ave and Shiloh Blvd, along the Lagoon (these will be split up to multiple groups)

Download PDF List HERE