History of the Zinnias for Zion initiative:

  1. 2000-2017: 17 years of watering the idea…
  2. 2017: Petition signed by residents, Zion City Council approached, effort sponsored by Zion Township.
  3. 2018:
    1. January, 2018:
      1. Committee formed.
      2. Local nursery – Anton’s Greenhouse agrees to grow pre-ordered flats of Zinnias – 30 organizations and businesses place orders, including the City, Park District, Township, Library, School Districts, Churches, businesses and residents.
  • Seed companies are sought out to donate their unsold Zinnia seed packets. Applewood Seed Company, PanAmerican Seed, and Joyful Butterfly say yes!
  1. Illinois Dunesland Garden Club votes to be a prize sponsor for yard contest.
  1. March 20, 2018: Zion City Council passes resolution making the Zinnia the Zion flower.
    1. Local business – Roger’s Towing – does FB Blitz distributing Zinnia seeds!
  2. April, 2018:
    1. Cooke Magnet School in Waukegan agrees to grow Zinnias for Zion Park District flower pots in their greenhouse.
    2. Committee plans out the planting of 14 pots along lagoon.
  • 1500 packets of seeds are distributed to residents from 12 government agencies and businesses, along with information on events throughout the summer.
  1. Website established thanks to Chris Szymanski at GoFlo.com.
  1. June – July: Committee members assist in watering Zinnias throughout community.
  2. August, 2018: Innaugural Yard Contest held, with prizes donated from Anton’s, Illinois Dunesland Garden Club, Zion Township and Roger’s Towing.
  3. September, 2018: 66 Certificates of Appreciation and medals given out at City Council Meeting thanking all involved in kickoff!
  1. 2019:
    1. Zinnias chosen for Anton’s will grow and order forms distributed.
    2. Locations established for adoption in the community and shared.
    3. End of May – October: Zinnias planted everywhere and Zion looks AMAZING!!!!! J