How To

How to designate a flower for your community:

We have been asked by other communities, how we started.  Below are the steps we took and continue to take.  Key things to consider:

  • Do you have a champion that is willing to make sure it happens? You need someone likeable that is willing to carry the torch, so to speak.
  • What flower would most resonate with your community? Is there anything historical about a certain flower?  A flower with the same letter?  Like Lilacs in Lombard and Zinnias for Zion?  Is there another reason to choose a specific flower?  Come up with a solid WHY (See our Pledge and Promise Statement).
  • Visit government leaders and ask for their support. It is not an additional budget item, just replace what is already done with the new flower. Note: The biggest reason it took 17 years was because it was thought that it had to be a BIG deal with a festival, etc.  What we realized was that we could start small and see what grows from it.
  • Start a petition to bring attention to the cause.
  • Call seed companies and ask for their left-overs, work with a local greenhouse.
  • Celebrate everyone that gets involved the first year…and keep it going!!